The war within is not what you think... it's just a misunderstood case of expansion. A part within that contains a deeper truth needing to unfold- a greater, more colorful version seeking to come out into the world. Births are always chaotic and violent. Trust the darkness, it is where you find your deepest inner light.
 What I have come to understand about life is that if you are suffering in some way with a belief or thought pattern, freedom comes by spinning the situation around in your mind like a kaleidoscope and looking at it from a different angle. Often like magic, a doorway to a better feeling place reveals itself. The phrase “love me anyways” offers one of those doorways- a moment of expansion.  The walls of  beliefs about your Self can feel like solid concrete and there can seem to be no way out because it is very difficult to argue with old programming or contradict societies standards of what is lovable. The door out of this prison appeared for me the day I no longer engaged in the debate over whether or not these things were true or not- I simply found radical acceptance. So what if all of it was true? I could still love myself anyway and ask that others do the same.
 Glitter Finger Thought Initiative.... Mostly it's about not getting sucked into how the details of your life tell you to feel, but instead choosing your own experience in all scenarios. Like the time Edison's warehouse burned to the ground with his life's work inside and he gathered his whole family to watch it burn and said: We will never again get to see such a fire. Alchemy. It's basically about alchemy... taking stuff that on the surface is the shittiest are you fucking-kidding-me-thing ever and finding the beauty & magic & humor in it... realizing it just makes the arc of your story that much more colorful and dramatic. And then taking it a step further and using the fuck out of it to become a muchier version of yourself. Because muchness is everything. 
 “I see you Mara”  On the night the Buddha was to attain enlightenment, he sat under a tree. While he was sitting there, the forces of the demon Mara shot arrows at him to distract him from becoming enlightened, but as he had the awareness to see beneath the surface story to what was truly happening, he was able to maintain his path.   The awareness to see all things for what they truly are- merely an attempt at distraction from your true state of joy and inner peace, helps dissolve them into nothingness.