The Technology of the Heart / by padhia hutton


The Technology of the Heart

I used to think the heart was just a compass, one that caused me a lot of trouble. It was my life’s greatest disrupter- this weird internal force that would faintly whisper a deeper truth, that gave zero f*cks about logic, reality or the immediate painful cost of following its guidance to lands of greater delight. But the heart is something much greater than a subtle navigational tool telling mischievous tales in the background of life about what is possible. If you learn to allow it, it will light up with such power and brightness that it becomes a physical sensation, a state of bliss. In this state, it becomes magnetic- attracting to it, others with hearts alive and broadcasting. I met a man in the middle of nowhere, high in the jungle of Bali last year. I was completely alone and startled when I first saw him there in the rain, many miles from any civilization. But he had a radiance that set me at ease, and he somehow seemed strangely familiar. Also, TBH I didn’t really care what happened to me at that point, ending up as plant fertilizer in such a beautiful jungle almost seemed a relief from the present reality I was trying to escape. When I got closer he reached out and said: Practice everyday smiling with your heart. Every day! The smile of your heart is greater than all else. And then all the others with smiles in their hearts will find you. In that moment, in the pouring rain on the dreariest of days and more alone than I had ever been in my life, lost on the other side of the world, I realized I could actually feel his heart. I’ve spent nearly a year after that encounter, everyday practicing exactly that- feeling into that glowing electricity in my heart, detaching from thought. Allowing it to light up, cultivating the ability to open it up and allow the warm electricity to radiate. You will begin to notice a strange new sensation when you hug people. As if your heart is actually transcending its cage and reaching out to theirs and locking together for a moment, amplifying the glow. In that timeless moment, there is peace that is beyond words. It is the smile of the heart.

The heart is an engine that can power you through anything. It is a portal to an infinite inner well of resilience, renewal, strength, fortitude. No matter what circumstances you endure here on earth, it cannot be touched. You may think it has been broken or shut down or frozen or closed, but those are all stories your mind is telling you in response to something that has caused you fear. Those stories evidence themselves the more you let them run. They become the truth, but they are not the truth. The heart has times of expansion and contraction and you can cultivate either by the stories you focus on. The heart knows no fear, it is infinitely expanding and wants to love in bigger and bigger ways. It has been said that a miracle is simply a shift in the energy in any given moment. Choosing to respond from love instead of fear. When you cultivate this ability to create that energy shift within yourself and then in interactions with others, you are creating tiny twinkling miracles. You are an alchemist of life.

By sitting quietly and feeling into the dark warmth of the heart space, a deeper truth will begin to reveal itself. There is a part of you so vast and connected to things our human mind could never begin to comprehend, and there is nothing here on this tiny little limited-dimension earth that is greater than that. This is the part of you that is untouched. You may begin to sense something that at first will offend the mind to the harshest degree- nothing has actually ever happened to you. There is a part of you that belongs only to you, beyond the reach of anyone else’s actions. It is not made of anything that can be tarnished or marked or broken… It is nebulous, infinite, electrical, continually responding and reconfiguring, reshaping itself, nourishing and guiding all the parts of you that you intentionally connect to it. This might be the first glimpse you have ever had of your true self, that which exists extended far beyond the body. This is where your freedom lies.

Each heart has a subtly different frequency. I had to learn to tune into one when I was very small that was constantly shifting erratically and I had to be able to connect to it to survive. This has given me a great gift, an ability to somehow sift energetically through a person’s outer layers and find and hold space for that which is truly them. It also gives me the ability to know animals on a deeper level. I had a dog that went missing once and we were able to find each other in the dark, she was far from home and nowhere near where she was last seen, just by connecting through the heart channel, where distance does not exist.

The heart is much more than simply a compass, it is a beacon of light that sends and receives signals. It is connection. It is a refuge. It is healing. It is life. It is infinity. It is guidance. It is truth. It is technology. It is full of messages that will lead you on life’s greatest journeys only to reveal more messages and quests.

It is everything.

<3 padhia