10 Things I learned the hard way : Part 1 / by padhia hutton


10 Things I Learned the Hard Way: Part I

There is a painful stage that you will go through before you come out in the world as your own Self.
Before we Become, we live with the truths set forth for us by the environment we grew up in and the operating system that was installed in us. Often this framework feels so uncomfortable because it is so different than who we really are. It creates a lot of suffering including depression and anxiety. Breaking out of that skin is frightening and painful. But it’s the only way to Become.

What it feels like to be you will change many times.
There are infinite realms of existence, dimensions of emotion, ways that you will grow and heal in your lifetime. Every experience and interaction changes you in some way. You cannot have any concept of what it will feel like to be you in down the road at all, and let that bring you unlimited hope. Don’t project the current version of yourself into the future.

Life’s most beautiful lessons hurt the worst.
A big shift happens when instead of asking “why is this happening to me?” you begin to ask “why is this happening *for* me?” — in other words- OK yeah this sucks, but what is this calling me to do? When you go down the path of answering that question, that is where you find true magic in life.

You become a patchwork of what you expose yourself to.
We are amalgamations of the people we spend time with, adopting tiny bits of their beliefs and character. Over time your life will be very different if you surround yourself with people you have traits you admire and aspire to, and who amplify your subtleties.

Being broken isn’t what you think it is.
We break to grow. Being broken is not a permanent state, if you can soften towards the break and let it run it’s course, instead of fighting it or staying stuck in it, you begin to unfold in many new ways.

You will never regret the time you dared to think you were worth more.
The logical mind tells us that the quiet whisper of the heart is delusional. Never listen. Go boldly in the direction your heart is telling you. It is the true compass of your life, and it will never lead you astray.

Your body is really just a rental car.
Take the very best care of it you can, but don’t attach too much importance to it. It’s really just a vehicle for your soul to have adventures while you are on this planet.

Half the problems in life come from stuffing down your feelings.
Suppressing the way you really feel creates resentment, fatigue, anxiety, and depression- as over time the inner pressure builds and builds. It leads to living inside a life that doesn’t feel good because it is not based on what is actually going on in your mind and heart. It also prevents you from creating boundaries, which are how you feel safe. And it creates deep loneliness as people won’t know how to how to love you because they don’t really know you.

Learn self-compassion.
In order for any transformation to take place, one must first soften toward their own self. This internal inteneration is like plowing the field before seeds can grow. It allows sun and air to softly charge the soil setting the stage for growth. Through softening towards your own human self, taking yourself by the hand, holding yourself in the arms of your heart, only then can you begin to figure out what you need.

Make sure you are vibrating, not just absorbing other’s energy.
Think about yourself in relation to others energetically. Some people emit a lot of energy, positive or negative. Some people vibrate at a much lower level and instead absorb all of it from others, which is not sustainable. Show up in your life. Take up volume. Let your shine vibrate outward.